Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Xmas in Sulphur

I had a fun day yesterday...we celebrated CHRISTmas in Sulphur. We all had so much fun watching Maidalyn opening her gifts...I really didn't realize that so many Princess items were available! LOL! She knows everything about them and had a great time playing this evening! Dad cooked a big chicken and sausage gumbo and Sarita made her famous potato salad. We enjoyed opening gifts from each other and John will have 3 to open when I get home. (He had to work on Sat.) I'll get to visit with Maidalyn again later today...she is spending the night and then, her Dad will bring her back to her Mom.

Our New Orleans Saints lost their first game last night to the bad boys in TX...the Dallas Cowboys. I am still so very proud of the Saints this year!

I took lots of LOs coming soon! I ordered my new kits from MLAS for the remainder of the month but, I haven't gotten to dload them yet!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free QP and LO Shares!

Recently, I made a QP for Mandy King (Mama Mia Designs) using her All Merry Collection. She now has the QP as a freebie on her blog...My Bag of Scraps!

Blessings features my cousin's grand-daughter and Molly Naughty or Nice features my four-legged daughter. The kit is available in Mandy's shop at Scrapbook Elements.

I also made a LO last night using a blog freebie from Bubblescrap Designs for the Ivy Scraps Ingredients Challenge. Hampton features my brother-in-law's pot-bellied pig, Hampton.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping, Movie, Fun!

I had a fun afternoon yesterday. My sis-in-law, niece, and I went shopping at the Mall. (People watching at Christmas time is soooo much fun!) After about 2 hours, my niece's son and daughter met us. It really was fun shopping with 2 experience...but, it was fun! After shopping, we watched a movie at my niece's house!

I caught up on my email and digi-sites and made 2 LOs for Scrapable's 12 Days of Christmas (2nd Day...Speed Scraps). I used the Scrapable Dec. Collab, Mele Kalikmaka, for both of them.Mako's Water Bottle features my canine niece and her love for water bottles and Mr. Snowman features a snowman that I saw at the Acadian Village's Christmas Lights.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brrr...Acadian Village...Lots of Fun!

Another cold night in south Louisiana...John and I went to see the Christmas Lights at Acadian was awesome. We even got our picture taken in front of the little church where we got married. I'll be making some LOs with the many pictures that we took!

When we got into the car, John said that he thought we needed to get some fancy coffee, we went to Barnes and Nobles and has flavored lattes...yummies! We looked around the many kewl items!

We stopped off at Barbara's house and got a good supply of loving from the 4-legged relatives! Mako (large Pitt...I call her my Big Baby Girl) thought that she would make a nice neck scarf and decided to lay on the back of the sofa and my neck! She snuggled and gave me kisses! Cardi was on my lap and wasn't happy that Mako was encroaching on her Aunt Kayre time! We even played with the cats and the new (and adorable) kitten!

I've gotten lots of great photos during the past week...I will be making layouts with the wonderful kits from my December designers. Oh, don't forget that Bubblescrap Designs has her awesome December Grab Bag revealed and on sale at MLAS for $2.99...a full kit with alpha, templates, QPs, and word art! Wow!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Over 100 Posts

Wow...I am over 100 posts...and to think...I didn't know how to do this a few months ago! LOL!

It's raining tonight and is supposed to be stormy tomorrow. I really hope to get something accomplished in my house tonight while J is at work! I would love to surprise him with CHRISTmas decorations! Of course, I will be resting and scrapping along the way! LOL!

I scrapped this LO using Polar Play by Dream Big Designs for the MLAS Mystery Lift Challenge. My friend's son had a blast in the recent Texas Snow!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Freebie Below the LOs!

The free QP is in the post below this one! Read on!

I made a few LOs today...two for my MLAS designers with my cousin's daughter's daughter, Emilee. She is so cute...just a precious bunch of curls! Emilee's 1st Louisiana Christmas uses My Kinda Christmas by Dream Big Designs and Emilee uses And Winter Came by Tempus fugit.

The other LO is Alyssa's Birthday Hug using Celebrate With Me by SpinkyDink Scraps (available at Scrapable).

Bubblescrap Designs and More!

I made a free QP using Bubblescrap Designs, A Golden Christmas. A Golden Christmas is available at MLAS here...A Golden Christmas Kit. The free QP is here! Enjoy!

Bubblescrap Designs has her 1st Grab Bag and it is awesome...check it out at MLAS! It's full of wonderful surprises!

I am so excited the New Orleans Saints just won their 12th game this season making them undefeated in 2009! They are making the people of Louisiana soooo proud! Around our house, the win was extra special since hubby has been a die-hard Redskins fan for many, many years! Yes, I made a sign that shows the score!!! LOL!

Friday, December 4, 2009


We are supposed to be getting snow flurries this afternoon! Yipee!

I spent last evening dloading lots of kits for my designers at MLAS and Scrapable AND Collabs for both sites! Whew....I uploaded lots and lots of stuff off my computer onto DVDs! Now, comes the fun part...lots and lots of LOs and QPs!

I will be helping a friend later today to prepare for a Winter Ball on Sat. nite...she does all the decorations, all the food, and...this year...she and her husband are King and Queen. It will be a busy day. I guess that Saturday will be very hectic, too...I will be helping to get the food on the tables and enjoying the Ball. (John has to work but, he probably wouldn't go if he was off...but, I do plan to have fun! LOL!)

I can't wait to see the white stuff...sneaux is a rarity in south Louisiana!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LOs, Designers, and Other News

I made 3 LOs for Mama Mia Designs using her December Grab Bag that went on sale yesterday at MLAS. Merry and Bright features Darryl and Jaseon's Christmas tree, Maidalyn 1208 and Tweet Girl feature my adorable niece.

MLAS has renamed the CT...we will be called Spirit Squad members and we will have other responsibilites besides doing LOs for our designers. My designers for December are Tempus fugit and Dream Big Designs. I have already gotten the kits that I will be using for the LOs. (I just need to make space on my hard drive for them! Will get the DVDs that are on sale at Target tomorrow!)

It's raining tonight in south Louisiana and according to the forecast, we will have our coldest temps this year during the week. Brrrrr! I made chilli the other night but, John wants another batch...perfect for the upcoming cold weather. I am currently making smothered taters and sausage. When the taters are done, I will make a Chicken and Veggie won't take long...the meat and broth were frozen...I just need to add the flavorings and the veggies! John rarely eats soup but, I eat it when he's not home. I do most of my cooking late at night when John is at work.

Hugs and Smiles!

Monday, November 30, 2009

MLAS Speed Scrap LO

I made a LO for the MLAS Speed Scrap last night using Bubblescrap Design's Classic Bouquet Kit. Purr-fectly Handsome features my friend's cat, DJ. Saturday, I made another LO (DJ on Pink) with DJ as my subject using the same kit!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bubblescrap Designs

Yipee...I am on the CT team for Bubblescrap Designs. I will be Mye's CT manager...I am soooo excited. Mye is a new designer and I can't wait to help her business grow! Here is a link to her shop at My Life and Scrap --> Bubblescrap Designs

I finally completed my challenges at MLAS...RJ Hiding (using Forever I Am Changed by Mama Mia Designs) is for the Mystery LO Challenge and Thankful For... (using Mama Mia Designs) is for the Gourmet Challenge.

I also completed a LO for last night's Speed Scrap at Scrapable...I didn't make the actual SS but, I completed the LO! Mugging for the Camera features Darryl and Jaseon and was created using Autumn's Allure by Kathy Winters.

I am in a scrapping mood and hope to do lots of LOs this weekend. I will be making LOs with 2 of Mye's new kits and the awesome December Grab Bag by Mama Mia Designs! Thank goodness I took lots and lots of photos on Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Black Friday!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my nephew and his partner's house. Darryl was an awesome cook (his ham was sooooo delish!) and Jaseon was a great host. Hubby's family (minus a niece and nephew (they were with their Dad) and 2 of their friends attended the fun event. We had lots of fun taking pictures, playing chess (2 cousins), and chatting! Then, my sis-in-law, niece, and myself were invited to a friend's house to share their Thanksgiving supper...whew, we were too full from lunch to eat very much but, Corey's turkey was soooo moist and Donna's spinach casserole was fabulous! We all came home with a plate for tomorrow, too!

I got my niece to take a few pictures of John and I for the MLAS Lyrics Challenge...I think that the LO turned out awesome! I always have a smile :) on my face when John and I look eye-to-eye!

My only sure plans for Black Friday are to go to Albertson's for the 77 cents frozen veggies! I may go to Target to get a $3 toaster but, I doubt if I will be going early!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hummmm...November is flying month until CHRISTmas! Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mom's death...23 years ago. I still miss her so much! I decided to honor her with my LO for the MLAS Desktop Challenge. It will be my December desktop...her birthday was December 23. (When she married my Dad, she told him that there would always be 2 gifts for her in December!!! LOL!!!)

I have a few more challlenges to complete at MLAS...I need a new picture of John and I for the Lyric Challenge and I need to complete the Mystery Lift. I have new kits for my Nov., I should complete the challenges soon!

I have a surprise...I am on a new CT Team...will announce it on here when the designer annouces it! I am excited because I really like her work! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog It!

The 2nd half of Scrapable's Blog It! Challenge is for me to describe my history of how I became a digital scrapper.
Well, I really don't remember what made me start...I guess that I was just cruising around the Internet and found several sites and layouts. I do know that John gave me a digital camera that Christmas and on Feb. 14, 2004, I made my first layout. Mirror Image featured a photo that he took of himself looking up at the mirror (through the fan) in our (then) living room. I posted my layout at Scrapbook Bytes...Mirror Image. I think that the layout inspired my creativity to continue this fantastic art form.

I had a blast until May of 05, then, we moved and the Internet was no longer available. I was lost without my creative outlet until 12/07...and, I have been constantly creating layouts since then! I even continued making layouts when we didn't have the Internet for about 5 months by using the free Internet sources in Lafayette. (I was a regular at Chick-fil-a!)

I love digital scrapping and hope to one day get into the area of designing...stay tuned for more on this!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Kit Alert and Challenge LOs

Creatively Carrie Designs has an awesome CHRISTmas mini kit on her blog. Check it out... Pretty Pink Christmas. I made my Maidalyn Awe LO for the Scrapable Mapquest Challenge using the kit! Carrie put it on her blog...Yea!

Fall in south Louisiana was created for the Scrapable Souvenirs Challenge using designs from Totally Twisted Scraps and Shanmomto4. It features the trees changing colors outside my living room window. (not much color change for south Louisiana!)
Count Your Blessings was created for the MLAS Template Challenge and Scrapable X Marks the Spot Challenge. It features my aunt, Janie and my cousin's son, AJ.

Who Am I? LO

I just completed this LO of Molly...I scraplifted the Who Am I? layout of carrie1977. Molly is such a special girl...we love her sooooo much (even when she is digging in the kitchen cabinets, attacking the wooden zebra in the window at 3 am, and the other mischievious antics of a cat)!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Scrapable Gratitude Scrap-A Thon and...

Have you heard about ...
Have you ever wanted to go to just one site and subscribe to just one newsletter to know of a bunch of fabulous coupons that you could be using to save the big bucks on your digi supplies? Well... is the place to go...sign up for the newsletter and you'll be ready to save in January!

Couple of LOs!

I made 2 challenge LOs on Thursday. I did Barbara for the MLAS ScrapMix Challenge (using Grassy by MartiScraps) and Thanks 4 Being My Friend (using Autumn Breeze by Shanmomto4 and featuring 2 of Barbara's fur-children) for the Scrapable Treasure Hunt Challenge.

I am getting ready to go to sleep (midnight is early for me!) after I decide what dessert I am making for the Jones' family Thanksgiving meal. I will get the ingredients when I grocery shop later today. I am thinking about making my Orange Stuff (cool whip, orange jello, mandarin orange pieces) and maybe, the recipe on Pretty Pixels ... Tanyia's Blog (but, I will make it into a bundt cake instead of mini-cupcakes).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alyssa's Birthday and Thoughts of Winter

Saturday was my niece's thirteenth birthday! Alyssa was in a Judo Tournament and got a medal. Most of the family attended the event...even though it was almost 2 hours away! We had fun but, were pooped! Then, when we got home, we had a family Birthday Party for her at Pizza Hut. I've been making a few LOs...they'll be up soon!

Scrapable has a challenge called Blog It! where you are challenged to write in your blog about a certain subject...this month the challenge it or hate it! Well, even though I am very, very cold-natured, I love the winter. In south Louisiana, we get very little true winter weather but, I would LOVE to visit someone that gets 4-5 (or more) inches of snow on the ground! Hint!!! Hint!!! Sometimes, we do get snow but, it rarely stays on the ground once the sun comes up! We have had winters with severe ice storms and that usually brings life in south Louisiana to a standstill. No one knows how to drive in the ice (and our vehicles are really not prepared for those conditions!). In Cajun Country, we call snow...sneaux (pronounced the same way!). I am hoping that we will have a cold winter (We had much colder weather when I was a child.) and the forecast for Monday night is a low of maybe!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

LO of the Day @ Scrapable

I completed 13 LOs during iDSD weekend...12 for Scrapable iDSD challenges and 1 for an MLAS Speed Scrap. Out of all the Scrapable iDSD weekend LOs...this one was chosen as Layout of the Day! I am so excited...I am now wearing a LOTD blinkie! This LO features Peaches (Dad and Sarita's cat) in Dad's underwear drawer!

There were lots and lots of digi-freebies on the web...including a Blog Train from MLAS and SSS...I can't wait to open them and make LOs!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy iDSD!

1st LO of the day...Polar Bear Swim at Scrapable. It was a Speed Scrap but, I wrote down the wrong, I caught the end of it! LOL! Jamie gave me the directions and here is my LO!

I also got RAKed at the pick of 4 packs of Surf's Up...Yipee!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Please join us at Scrapable!


I had the honor of doing a OKC for Crazy Little Love by Eledhwen. It's a great kit full of fun elements and super layout possibilities. The kit is available here...CLL. It's on sale and she has a freebie frame in her shop. I made 3 layouts and a QP using the kit. Here is the QP link...image is also linked. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I will be posting the OKC LOs later...and the free QP!

Happy Happy Birthday to my nephew, Harrison. He is a Marine and I am soooo proud of him! Also, Happy Birthday to my cousin's wife (Harrison's aunt), Cassie! May you both be blessed and have a great day!

Check back later for the freebie!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More OKC LOs

More OKC LOs coming soon and a free QP using the kit. The designer asked that I wait until Friday but, Crazy Little Love by Eledhwen is a great kit! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daily Joy LOs

I did 3 layouts for a one kit call for Daily Joy by Tabea of Sunshine Artz. Daily Joy is a fun kit with a coffee theme but, it has lots of elements that can be used for other layouts. I love the richness of the colors used in the kit and Tabea does a wonderful job with the elements! By the way, the kit is free on Tabea's blog...see link above!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hybrid Project

Wow...I forgot to blog this week...sorry! This afternoon, I made a pencil can for my kitchen for the MLAS Hybrid Challenge. It was lots of fun and super easy to create. I used the Autumn's Allure Kit by Kathy Winters for the can and the LO!

I made 3 LOs for a one kit call (OKC) by Tabea of Sunshine Artz...I will post them when she gives me the OK!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Good Monday

It's been a busy day...I organized a few boxes...still have lots more to do... both here and in the storage unit! Scrapped a page last night with Autumn's Allure by Kathy Winters at Scrapable. I am anxiously waiting for my designers for November for both MLAS and Scrapable! And, I can't wait for the new challenges!

I am watching the Cake Boss on has me craving cake...just plain old cake (like birthday cake)...2 layers, icing in the middle, and icing on top...and give me the sweet stuff...not, that whipped stuff!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scrapable Hula Girls Speed Scrap

We had our monthly Scrapable Hula Girls Chat tonight. After the chat, Jamie had a surprise Hula Girls Speed Scrap for us. It was lots of fun...we chatted about everything. Here is my LO...Looking Beautiful...showcasing my sister, Kristen.

More Scrapable Challenge LOs

Well, I am caught up on all my challenges except for the Hybrid at MLAS. I really, really love doing challenges!

One Breath? features my husband blowing out the candles on his birthday cake...he did use one breath to blow out 53 candles! The LO was done for the Treasure Hunt Challenge.

Wedding Day is another LO from my aunt's wedding. The LO (with a picture of her wedding cake) was completed for the Mapquest (template) Challenge.
Autumn Fun features my sis-in-law (Elizabeth) and I riding the 4-wheeler at her home in Arkansas. The sun gave an awesome glow to the photo. I used an autumn quote by William Bryant for this Fun in the Sun (quote) Challenge.

Awesome Nephew showcases some of my nephew's (Aaron) outstanding qualities. I scraplifted gette3 (Asha's Coat) LO for the Lazy Day Challenge.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Milo is my cousin's sweet boy. He is a very docile and sweet cat!

Monday, October 19, 2009

More MLAS Challenge LOs

The Night Before features my aunt and her husband on the night before their wedding. I used all MLAS elements...mostly Fiorellino by Mama Mia...for this ScrapMix layout.

Love...Feel It showcases the new Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Spencer. I used Connie Prince's Life is a Beautiful Thing for this Lyrics Challenge layout.

Dana's Silly Face features Dana, who coordinated my aunt's reception. It was right before the wedding and we were getting a little giddy! I used Lil' Red Kit by Just So Scrappy for this Scraplift Challenge of Rebecca's Silly Face layout.