Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hummmm...November is flying month until CHRISTmas! Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mom's death...23 years ago. I still miss her so much! I decided to honor her with my LO for the MLAS Desktop Challenge. It will be my December desktop...her birthday was December 23. (When she married my Dad, she told him that there would always be 2 gifts for her in December!!! LOL!!!)

I have a few more challlenges to complete at MLAS...I need a new picture of John and I for the Lyric Challenge and I need to complete the Mystery Lift. I have new kits for my Nov., I should complete the challenges soon!

I have a surprise...I am on a new CT Team...will announce it on here when the designer annouces it! I am excited because I really like her work! :)

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  1. It is flying by isn't it! Love the desktop. You know my Mom passed 22 years ago and I miss her also... I don't think we ever stop missing them.