Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Fun!

I made a layout yesterday...Smile features my cousin's precious daughter, Anna. I created the LO for the MLAS Template Challenge. Kate made a fantastic template...I just love it!

All but one member of my Dad's family went to a family gathering Saturday evening at Donna Pat's house. She cooked two awesome soups for all of us to share. We so enjoy getting together and keeping up with everyone's lives. I took bunches of pictures...including the one of Anna that I used in the LO!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few More LOs and a Funny Cat!

I completed a few more challenge LOs at MLAS. By the way, tomorrow is the last day to get the freebies from the MLAS Birthday Blog Train! I just downloaded the train and it's full of wonderful surprises!

Mom, Dad, and Anna features my cousin, his wife, and youngest daughter...I created it for the Gourmet Challenge using elements from several MLAS designers. Jack features my niece's soft and fluffy was created for the ScrapMix Challenge and also uses elements from several MLAS designers. Mako features her big girl was done for the Friday night Speed Scrap and uses mostly elements from Abby by our newest designer, Chickensocks Scraps.

Don't forget about all the wonderful challenges at MLAS...not only our normal challenges but, also the special Birthday Bash Challenges, too!

I have to share about my Molly...I just went into the kitchen for a late night snack (she thinks that anytime I go into the's cat snack time!) and she followed me. I told her not just had a snack earlier...this one is for me! I came back to the computer and heard noises coming from the kitchen (she and I are the only ones awake)...when I went into the kitchen...she had gotten onto the counter and opened the cabinet with the treats and was trying to make the bag fall out of the cabinet! I had to run for my will see a LO soon! Well, as you can guess...she did get her treats and she's now snoozing in her box by me!

Friday, February 19, 2010

MLAS Font Challenge LO

I made a LO last night using Sonny by brittbree. It's a great kit that she made in her Grandfather's memory. Holly and Mike features my cousin and her boyfriend. I used the Sugar Frog font...SF No Frills.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lots a LOs!

I've been scrapping and, I'll just show off my favorites here!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Remember AT!

at...@...@ home...@ the store...@ the's important that you remember @ (LOL!)

I've scrapped two layouts as I try to get caught up on my Project 52 layouts...both for the MLAS My Life IN Scrap Challenge...My Hometown features my hometown of Port Barre (baa-re (long e), Louisiana and uses elements from Cheerful Holiday by Bubblescrap Designs. My Job uses Happy Times by SAS Designs. I also made a LO for the MLAS Gourmet Challenge...So Loved features my much loved niece, Maidalyn, and uses many MLAS Designers!

Bubblescrap Designs debuted her new kit, Flavor of Life, on Thursday at MLAS. It's an awesome kit and is now on sale as part of MLAS' Birthday Sale. Check it out!

Happy Birthday, My Life and Scrap...check out all the wonderful stuff...challenges, sales, freebies!

FYI - Scrapable is having their Re-Grand Opening today...check it out! Also, Mandy King has a new (and great kit) coming soon to her shop at Scrapbook Elements. I made a few LOs with the kit and love it!

Have a Fabulous Friday! Remember @!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Contest, Creating, and More

Creating LOs is so much fun for me...I really love it! Check out the contest that Bubblescrap Designs has on her blog.

Bubblescrap Design will be debuting her new kit, Flavor of Life, this week. I have made 2 layouts using this awesome kit. Deep in Conversation features my aunt and my cousin's daughter and John 020410 (MLAS Mystery LO Challenge) features my hubby!

I made 2 other LOs Monday night, Who Dat? features our Super Bowl Game fun and uses MLAS Designers and Princess, features my friend's precious furbaby, was created using Dream Big Designs' L'Amour Kit (MLAS Font Challenge).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Champs...Saints!

It's like a fairy tale...I still can't believe it really happened...the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl 44. It was an awesome game. We ended up watching with some friends and eating Earline's wonderful crawfish ettouffe at halftime. The area went wild at the end of the game...fireworks, people screaming outside...everyone was just so excited! Louisiana needed the win! I think that the moral of our citizens will be greatly improved! :)

I took pictures today of family, friends, animals...will try to scrap on Monday! I've got some cute pics of my niece and her boyfriend. I even have a picture of Charly's big screen TV when we were watching the game! LOL!

Who dat say they gonna beat those Saints? No dat!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Yea! The day has finally arrived...and the New Orleans Saints will be playing in the Super Bowl this afternoon! I am getting excited...we have been invited to our niece's house to watch the game on her big screen TV! Geaux Saints!

Look below this post for a FREEBIE!

Saturday evening, I worked on lots of digi-scrap stuff...2 layouts for Bubblescrap Designs new kit (the one that I hinted about yesterday!)...I will show the LOs on Tuesday, 2 Bragbook pages for the second MLAS Feb. Collab., and a layout for the MLAS Project 52 (Photos) Week 4. Comfy features a comfy location in my house and was created using Bubblescrap Designs kits.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night, I made a FREEBIE word art using the glitter heart from Bubblescrap Design's Cappuccino Kit. Here is the link ---> Our Heart Please leave a comment if you take it...I really love to read the comments!

New Kits, BB Pages, and a LO!

I made a LO Friday night for the MLAS Speed Scrap hosted by Jac. Making Memories aka Unhappy Faces features my cousins when they were little. I used the Vintage Euphoria Kit by Bubblescrap Designs and Rebecca_psp for the layout. The kit has awesome elements...check it out!

I made 2 Bragbook Pages for one of the new Feb. Collabs at MLAS. The kit is awesome and it was so much fun to work with it! I can't wait to use it for other layouts! The collab will be debuting around Feb. 12.

Bubblescrap Designs will be having a new kit debuting on Feb. 10 at Pretty Scrappy and on Feb. 11 at MLAS. I can only give you a tiny'll love it's jewel colors!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More LOs!

I made 2 LOs last night for MLAS Challenges. It's A Buck features my brother-in-law's reaction to seeing the buck photograph that was taken with his backyard camera. I used Bubblescrap Design's new kit, Cappucino, and did the LO for the Template Challenge. Durango Relaxing was created using Lil Sweetheart by brittbree and was done for the Scraplift Challenge.

I am in the process of downloading Vintage Euphoria...a collab between Bubblescrap Designs and Rebecca_psp. It is an awesome kit and is on sale...check it out today!

Coming soon...a freebie...I will be part of the MLAS Birthday Blog Train!

Thursday was a lazy day...John didn't have to work. Late in the afternoon, we went to Books-a-Million for John to order a book and for us to visit the Joe Muggs Coffeeshop! I love their Chai Tea Latte!

I just finished making a huge Taco Soup...hopefully, we won't eat it all and I will be able to put a couple servings in the freezer! It's great to have a bowl of homemade soup when I don't feel like cooking for myself!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Layouts and More!

Yipee! I finally got my computer back last night! I celebrated today by making 4 LOs. Wasting Time featuring my feline nephew was created for the MLAS Scrap Mix Challenge using Bubblescrap Designs newest kit, Cappuccino. Typical Day was created for the MLAS My Life IN Scrap Challenge Week 3 (I am trying to get caught up!) and was created using Moonlight by Samceline. Family, created for the MLAS Project 52 Photos Week 3, uses Tulipping by Rebecca_psp. My Feb. 2010 Desktop (MLAS Desktop Challenge) was created using Love is Funky by Rebecca_psp.

We celebrated my sister-in-law's 49th birthday Tuesday night. The birthday girl (Elizabeth), my other sister-in-law (Patricia), and Elizabeth's son (Nicholas) went to Deano's Pizza for supper. John was so happy that he received the left over pizza for his breakfast!

I did a little grocery shopping after my blood work on Tuesday. I was very excited to find two packages of ground meat on sale. (Albertson's puts the freshly ground meat from the Butcher Block on special when it closes at night. You can get great quality ground meat for $1.49 a pound.) I put 2 packages of 1 pound each in the freezer and made hamburger steaks for our lunch yesterday. It was so yummy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day!

Will he see his shadow or not? It's a cold night in south Louisiana...I am glad that we have had a cold winter. It's nice to be able to bundle up...I hope that we have a few more cold nights in Feb.

Did you hear about the freebies at MLAS...go here --> MLAS Freebies to check it out!

I found an awesome LO by dagi to nominate for MLAS Layout of the here to give her some love because the LO with the most love wins!

Hopefully by this time computer will be back home! Yipee!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maybe Tuesday!

Maybe Tuesday, I will get my computer back...I am sooooo lonesome for it! I have been seeing some awesome LOs in the MLAS many creative has made me extra lonesome for my computer! Creating digital LOs is very relaxing for me!

Awesome new kits...WOW...the designers at MLAS have been extra busy...there are some awesome new kits in the Shop. I can't wait to shop with my Spirit Squad designers for Feb. are BrittBree and Kate Designs.

There will be new challenges at MLAS beginning today...I host the first part of the Scraplift Challenge and we will be lifting a great LO by pagefrocks titled Loving You. She used the new kit by Bubblescrap Designs, Cappuccino, for her LO! Cappuccino is on sale until Feb. 3...check it out here --> Bubblescrap Designs.

I am sending an early Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Elizabeth...her birthday is Tuesday!