Thursday, February 4, 2010

Layouts and More!

Yipee! I finally got my computer back last night! I celebrated today by making 4 LOs. Wasting Time featuring my feline nephew was created for the MLAS Scrap Mix Challenge using Bubblescrap Designs newest kit, Cappuccino. Typical Day was created for the MLAS My Life IN Scrap Challenge Week 3 (I am trying to get caught up!) and was created using Moonlight by Samceline. Family, created for the MLAS Project 52 Photos Week 3, uses Tulipping by Rebecca_psp. My Feb. 2010 Desktop (MLAS Desktop Challenge) was created using Love is Funky by Rebecca_psp.

We celebrated my sister-in-law's 49th birthday Tuesday night. The birthday girl (Elizabeth), my other sister-in-law (Patricia), and Elizabeth's son (Nicholas) went to Deano's Pizza for supper. John was so happy that he received the left over pizza for his breakfast!

I did a little grocery shopping after my blood work on Tuesday. I was very excited to find two packages of ground meat on sale. (Albertson's puts the freshly ground meat from the Butcher Block on special when it closes at night. You can get great quality ground meat for $1.49 a pound.) I put 2 packages of 1 pound each in the freezer and made hamburger steaks for our lunch yesterday. It was so yummy!

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  1. YAY for getting your computer back!!

    I sooo miss living in an area with Albertsons. I used to go there and stock up on chicken and pork when they'd run the buy one, get two free specials.