Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a Post!

Yes, it's a post from me! As most of you computer died in October and I had hoped to be up and running within a few weeks...but, that just didn't happen! At this point, I am hoping that Santa Paws may find a new desktop for us...we'll have to wait for that wish!

Molly and I are pet-sitting for my sister-in-law and I put a trial copy of PSP 13 on their, I get to scrap for about a week! Last night, I made a new siggie and a LO for ScrapElf's new release, Jolly Christmas. I'll put it up when the kit is released!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Kits = New LOs

Two of my designers released kits today...Mye De Leon (and Charlize Creations) released their collab, Family. It is available at either SBB or Gotta Pixel. ScrapElf released several new templates and the Worn Out Kit.

My LOs with Family are As Family featuring hubby and I and Family Loves You featuring Maidalyn and her parents. I created the Jazz LO using ScrapElf's Worn Out Kit and Rectangular Templates.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Kits, LOs, and Familiar Faces

I have been a busy bee making LOs for the last two days! These two were for MLAS Challenges...Ice Cream (Font Challenge) features my sweet niece, Maidalyn and uses ScrapElf's newest kit and template pack. (Stick to Me and Rectangular Templates). Rope Climbing(Template Challenge) features Maidalyn and uses The Blues by Kate's Digital Designs. (The template is by Kate, too!) Under the Bed features my Dad's cat, Peaches. I used Mye De Leon's The Sweet Life Kit for this Gotta Pixel Grab Bag Challenge.

Did you hear the news? Mye De Leon is at Gotta Pixel. Check out her newest collab with Connie Prince...the August Digi-Survival Stash...Wonderful Life. It's available at Gotta Pixel and SBB! My LO, Vroom! features my hubby and uses this awesome bundle.

Just a hint...Mye has another kit soon to be has awesome pastels!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At Long Last...

I am finally posting...I have been gone over 6 weeks and just got was lots of fun to visit everyone but, it's great to be back in my own house! I have been making a few LOs for my CT Designers and my designers at MLAS. I will be posting on a regular basis again and showing off new kits and layouts!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sneak Peak of a Bubblescrap Designs Kit

It's just a little peak...will be released next week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bubblescrap Designs Release & SBB Challenges

Bubblescrap Designs released a new kit at SBB yesterday, A Day at the Circus. It is an adorable fun kit and is on sale for $4.20!

I was in a creating mood tonite and made FIVE layouts...all for challenges at SBB! Molly (Color Challenge) features my furbaby and was created using the In the Mood 4 Love Sampler by Charlize Creations. My Bone (GAB Challenge) features Durango and uses elements from SBB's June Grab-A-Byte. Hugging Cardi (Template Challenge) was created using A Day at the Circus by Bubblescrap Designs. Delightfully Sweet (Scraplift) features Tinkerbell and uses Raspberry Shake by Bubblescrap Designs (you can get the kit FREE if you are subscribed to her on this link to her blog --> Bubblescrap Designs to subscribe!). Brothers (Font Challenge) features my nephews and was created using Some Like It Hot by Bubblescrap Designs. Here is the link to my SBB Gallery if you'd like to make a comment --> KajunKJ's SBB Gallery

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day and LOs!

Happy Father's Day to my earthly Dad and to my Heavenly Father!

I made two layouts tonight for one of my designers at MLAS...both layouts feature Miss Mis Designs. She is a new designer at MLAS! Real Wild Ones features my niece and her kids acting crazy and uses the Wild One Kit. Text Me features my niece, Alyssa and uses both Squared Away Templates and the Text Me Kit. (I knew I had to get that kit...the colors match perfectly with the photo!)

I spent a fun afternoon with hubby's family to celebrate Father's Day. Darryl cooked some awesome Baked BarBQue chicken...and other normal BBQ foods! The chicken was my favorite! We had so much fun acting goofy and taking pictures!

Bubblescrap Designs will be releasing a new kit later today at is soooo kewl...I can't wait to share it. SBB Store Link --> Bubblescrap Designs

Monday, June 14, 2010


FIVE new LOs! Wow! Hubby went to sleep early (He leaves the hotel at 3:15 am.) and I have scrapped while listening to the music of his soft snores and his occasional sleep-talking! LOL!

Faces of Anna features my cousin's daughter and was created for the MLAS Mystery LO Challenge using Too Sweet For You by Jamie Dell Scraps. She is a new designer at MLAS.

The other four LOs were created for challenges at SBB...Life of a Cute Dog (June Font Challenge 1) features Bucky and uses The Sweet Life by Bubblescrap Designs. Sitting Pretty (June Font Challenge 2) features my Dad's cat, Peaches and uses Whale of a Good Time by Connie Prince. (Connie RAKed me this kit...thanks!) Naptime (Color Challenge) features a sleepy Maidalyn and was created with the StarLight-StarBright Sampler by Late Night Scraps. Absolutely Beautiful (Mums the Word Challenge) features one of Sarita's beautiful roses and was created using the hot pink paper in Some Like It Hot (Bubblescrap Designs).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some Like It Hot

Bubblescrap Designs has a new release at SBB...Some Like It Hot is a collab with Mandy King and is a super kit. I have made two LOs...both featuring my canine niece, Adena.

A Speed Scrap, and More

I created Sweet Smile (my niece, Maidalyn) using Lazy Days.

Saturday night, I participated in the Late Night Speed Scrap at MLAS...we had a great time chatting! My LO...Milo's Story was created using Oh Baby Boy by Miss Miss Designs and features my cousin's sweet baby!

I am still with my hubby in Galliano, Louisiana where he is working as a security guard for one of the companies that responded to the BP Oil Spill. I am staying at the hotel and have been enjoying creating LOs. Emilee was created using RebeccaB designs, Galliano uses a template by Kate's Digital Designs and Samceline's Waste Paper Kit, and Pool Puppy (Adena, again!) uses Scribbled Papers by ScrapElf.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another CT, LOs, and News!

I am in Galliano, Louisiana visiting my husband (a security guard) at his newest post, Wild Well Controls. WWC is the company that is building the items being used by BP for the oil spill. Since we live about 3 hours north of here, he is staying at a Days Inn...compliments of his employer. I am visiting and enjoying relaxing and using their free Internet! Molly is being cat-sat by her Aunt Patricia...and I am sure that she is not really a happy cat!

I was asked to join ScrapElf's CT...they are also my other designer for June at MLAS!

I have been making LOTS of layouts...some that I can share and some for my designers' future releases! I think that my favorite LO is the one that I just completed...Tinkerbell features my sis-in-law's male Siamese cat and was created using Lemony Fresh by Tracie Stroud. It's the DST June Gold Member Kit. (thanks, Mye!) Fahrmann Family Gathering features my Dad's family and was created using the This Year and This Year Forever Summer by ScrapElf. AJ features my cousin's son and uses Go Play by Miss Mis Designs (my other MLAS June designer...her shop has not yet opened at MLAS) and was created for the MLAS ScrapLift Challenge. Fur-Baby, Jack is my niece's cat, Jack and uses RebeccaB's Octopus Garden and was created for the MLAS Color Inspiration Challenge.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New CT

Well, it's official now...I am on the CT team for Kate's Digital Designs (Kate Duvall)! I create for Kate!

My June designer at MLAS is Miss Mis Designs...her shop is not open yet at MLAS but, it should be soon!

I have 2 layouts that I can show on my Blog...most of my current LOs are for soon to be releases! I created Folding Towels for the SBB May Newletter Challenge using Boy-sterous by Bubblescrap Designs and Connie Prince. Posing features my niece wearing her Great-grandmother's red was created for the MLAS Template Challenge and uses a template and the Tranquility Kit by Kate's Digital Designs.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime = Freebie Time!


To celebrate the beginning of summertime, I have a freebie QP using Here Comes the Sun by Bubblescrap Designs for you today! I have been working on a few other LOs...will try to post them later today!

I have been asked to join a new CT team...I will announce it after the designer announces it on her blog! I can't wait to start making layouts for her!

Don't forget to check out the new challenges at MLAS...I host the Scraplift Challenge and for the first part of June, we will be lifting a choice of two of my friend Michelle's (mitchlap) layouts.

BTW, Bubblescrap Designs has a new collab that will be released will love it!

Here is the Summertime QP link...I hope that you enjoy it! Please leave a note...I love messages! LOL!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Late Night Snack Food and LOs!

I finished the 2nd half of May's challenges at MLAS! 100% Girl (Mystery Lift Challenge) features my niece, Maidalyn and uses designs by RebeccaB and Dream Big Designs. Cutie (Font Challenge) is another LO of Maidalyn and uses Alice by Samceline. Who Am I? (Gourmet Challenge) features my nephew, Aaron and uses both MLAS designers and others.

I just discovered that dry Post AlphaBits cereal is a wonderful late night snack food...minimal calories and low in fat!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Kit, Designers, and LOs

Wow...Mandy King will be releasing a new kit at SBE this weekend...Check out Chromatic Symphony...wear your sunglasses!!! It's a bright and cheerful kit! Both of these LOs were made with the kit...Sushi? features my friend Sarita celebrating her birthday and Bright Eyes features Durango (my canine nephew.)

I've made a few other LOs recently...Love Has Many Faces features my step-sister and our niece making funny faces for my camera and uses Endless Love by 3 Dog Designs, Inside Your Eyes (MLAS Lyrics Challenge) features my hubby and uses BrittBree's May Grab Bag. Resting in the Sun features Bucky (another canine nephew) and uses Zebras in My Garden by RebeccaB for the MLAS ScrapMix Challenge. (I love that kit...the zebras are adorable!), Flowers of Summertime (which got nominated for LOTD at Scrapable...yipee!) was created for the Sketch Challenge at Scrapable and features Here Comes the Sun by Bubblescrap Designs.

Bubblescrap Designs is releasing a new kit with Connie Prince...Boy-sterous is a great kit both for the guys and just general summertime photos. I really like the colors. I have 2 LOs...Rough and Rowdy and Metal Detecting both feature my step-brother and his daughter.

A special Thank You to Jacquie of @J acquies (word art) for her new Cat Set. Molly and I had requested some cat word art after she made a dog set!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Kits

Bubblescrap Designs has released a new kit at Scrapable. Here Comes the Sun is a fun kit with bright summery colors. Slurrp! features my niece and is made with this great kit!

Z Pink Boudoir Designs (one of my May designers at MLAS) has a new kit debuting today. Baby Next Door is a great kit with pinks and greys. Aunt Kristen features my step-sister and our niece.

I have made several other LOs in the past week but, they are for kits that haven't been, keep checking my blog for more LOs! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SBB Challenge LOs

I made these LOs for Challenges at SBB using Bubblescrap Designs Kits. Where's Mako features two of my niece's cats (Numbers in Bytes Challenge), Pictures (Scraplift #2 Challenge), Buttercup Beauty (Font Challenge - Windsong), and John (Template Challenge).