Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Speed Scrap, and More

I created Sweet Smile (my niece, Maidalyn) using Lazy Days.

Saturday night, I participated in the Late Night Speed Scrap at MLAS...we had a great time chatting! My LO...Milo's Story was created using Oh Baby Boy by Miss Miss Designs and features my cousin's sweet baby!

I am still with my hubby in Galliano, Louisiana where he is working as a security guard for one of the companies that responded to the BP Oil Spill. I am staying at the hotel and have been enjoying creating LOs. Emilee was created using RebeccaB designs, Galliano uses a template by Kate's Digital Designs and Samceline's Waste Paper Kit, and Pool Puppy (Adena, again!) uses Scribbled Papers by ScrapElf.

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