Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few More LOs and a Funny Cat!

I completed a few more challenge LOs at MLAS. By the way, tomorrow is the last day to get the freebies from the MLAS Birthday Blog Train! I just downloaded the train and it's full of wonderful surprises!

Mom, Dad, and Anna features my cousin, his wife, and youngest daughter...I created it for the Gourmet Challenge using elements from several MLAS designers. Jack features my niece's soft and fluffy was created for the ScrapMix Challenge and also uses elements from several MLAS designers. Mako features her big girl was done for the Friday night Speed Scrap and uses mostly elements from Abby by our newest designer, Chickensocks Scraps.

Don't forget about all the wonderful challenges at MLAS...not only our normal challenges but, also the special Birthday Bash Challenges, too!

I have to share about my Molly...I just went into the kitchen for a late night snack (she thinks that anytime I go into the's cat snack time!) and she followed me. I told her not just had a snack earlier...this one is for me! I came back to the computer and heard noises coming from the kitchen (she and I are the only ones awake)...when I went into the kitchen...she had gotten onto the counter and opened the cabinet with the treats and was trying to make the bag fall out of the cabinet! I had to run for my will see a LO soon! Well, as you can guess...she did get her treats and she's now snoozing in her box by me!


  1. Don't you love cats - they definitely have their own personalities and quirks! My cat GG died last summer :( but I swear she could carry on a conversation - does that make me a crazxy cat lady?

  2. WOW...Smart Cat. You taught her well Kayre!