Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog It!

The 2nd half of Scrapable's Blog It! Challenge is for me to describe my history of how I became a digital scrapper.
Well, I really don't remember what made me start...I guess that I was just cruising around the Internet and found several sites and layouts. I do know that John gave me a digital camera that Christmas and on Feb. 14, 2004, I made my first layout. Mirror Image featured a photo that he took of himself looking up at the mirror (through the fan) in our (then) living room. I posted my layout at Scrapbook Bytes...Mirror Image. I think that the layout inspired my creativity to continue this fantastic art form.

I had a blast until May of 05, then, we moved and the Internet was no longer available. I was lost without my creative outlet until 12/07...and, I have been constantly creating layouts since then! I even continued making layouts when we didn't have the Internet for about 5 months by using the free Internet sources in Lafayette. (I was a regular at Chick-fil-a!)

I love digital scrapping and hope to one day get into the area of designing...stay tuned for more on this!!!


  1. What a cute first layout! I'm not brave enough to show my first one anywhere!! =)

  2. Wow! I like that how you got started. So you are a budding designer? kelins(@) when you are ready Kayre just take your time and enjoy all the steps don't rush.

    Thanks for reminding to remind me to blog on those days I forget lady.

  3. Wonderful 1st LO and will watch with interest on the designing aspect :)

  4. How fun! Great first layout and it is fun to see how everyone started digiscrapping.