Friday, November 20, 2009

Couple of LOs!

I made 2 challenge LOs on Thursday. I did Barbara for the MLAS ScrapMix Challenge (using Grassy by MartiScraps) and Thanks 4 Being My Friend (using Autumn Breeze by Shanmomto4 and featuring 2 of Barbara's fur-children) for the Scrapable Treasure Hunt Challenge.

I am getting ready to go to sleep (midnight is early for me!) after I decide what dessert I am making for the Jones' family Thanksgiving meal. I will get the ingredients when I grocery shop later today. I am thinking about making my Orange Stuff (cool whip, orange jello, mandarin orange pieces) and maybe, the recipe on Pretty Pixels ... Tanyia's Blog (but, I will make it into a bundt cake instead of mini-cupcakes).


  1. Sounds good to me LOL

    The lay outs look great !

  2. So cute, hun! I love the first LO it is so darn sweet!