Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alyssa's Birthday and Thoughts of Winter

Saturday was my niece's thirteenth birthday! Alyssa was in a Judo Tournament and got a medal. Most of the family attended the event...even though it was almost 2 hours away! We had fun but, were pooped! Then, when we got home, we had a family Birthday Party for her at Pizza Hut. I've been making a few LOs...they'll be up soon!

Scrapable has a challenge called Blog It! where you are challenged to write in your blog about a certain subject...this month the challenge it or hate it! Well, even though I am very, very cold-natured, I love the winter. In south Louisiana, we get very little true winter weather but, I would LOVE to visit someone that gets 4-5 (or more) inches of snow on the ground! Hint!!! Hint!!! Sometimes, we do get snow but, it rarely stays on the ground once the sun comes up! We have had winters with severe ice storms and that usually brings life in south Louisiana to a standstill. No one knows how to drive in the ice (and our vehicles are really not prepared for those conditions!). In Cajun Country, we call snow...sneaux (pronounced the same way!). I am hoping that we will have a cold winter (We had much colder weather when I was a child.) and the forecast for Monday night is a low of maybe!!!

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  1. Kayre! I love the winter also... I PROMISE you if we get to move to Rome GA. You are invited. We are just in the foothills of the mountains. You'd love it. I know you're tired but sounds like you had LOADS of fun!