Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LOs, Designers, and Other News

I made 3 LOs for Mama Mia Designs using her December Grab Bag that went on sale yesterday at MLAS. Merry and Bright features Darryl and Jaseon's Christmas tree, Maidalyn 1208 and Tweet Girl feature my adorable niece.

MLAS has renamed the CT...we will be called Spirit Squad members and we will have other responsibilites besides doing LOs for our designers. My designers for December are Tempus fugit and Dream Big Designs. I have already gotten the kits that I will be using for the LOs. (I just need to make space on my hard drive for them! Will get the DVDs that are on sale at Target tomorrow!)

It's raining tonight in south Louisiana and according to the forecast, we will have our coldest temps this year during the week. Brrrrr! I made chilli the other night but, John wants another batch...perfect for the upcoming cold weather. I am currently making smothered taters and sausage. When the taters are done, I will make a Chicken and Veggie won't take long...the meat and broth were frozen...I just need to add the flavorings and the veggies! John rarely eats soup but, I eat it when he's not home. I do most of my cooking late at night when John is at work.

Hugs and Smiles!


  1. Looking good girl ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. lovely los, congrats !!

  3. Love the LO's and omg does that sound good. my taste is gone but that thing in my brain is still there thats says oooooh mmmmmmmmm yummmmmmm.

  4. MMMMM

    I'm hungry now.... Wanna make some food for me?!?!?!

    Fabulous LO's- your niece is too cute!