Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Xmas in Sulphur

I had a fun day yesterday...we celebrated CHRISTmas in Sulphur. We all had so much fun watching Maidalyn opening her gifts...I really didn't realize that so many Princess items were available! LOL! She knows everything about them and had a great time playing this evening! Dad cooked a big chicken and sausage gumbo and Sarita made her famous potato salad. We enjoyed opening gifts from each other and John will have 3 to open when I get home. (He had to work on Sat.) I'll get to visit with Maidalyn again later today...she is spending the night and then, her Dad will bring her back to her Mom.

Our New Orleans Saints lost their first game last night to the bad boys in TX...the Dallas Cowboys. I am still so very proud of the Saints this year!

I took lots of LOs coming soon! I ordered my new kits from MLAS for the remainder of the month but, I haven't gotten to dload them yet!

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  1. It sounds like you had SOooooo much fun and chicken and sausage gumbo sounds awesome!