Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wintersweet LOs

I made two LOs using Mandy King's (aka Mama Mia) new kit, Wintersweet. It will be available today at Scrapbook-Elements. It's a really kewl kit! DJ White as Snow features my friend's cat and was created as a late entry to Saturday's MLAS Speed Scrap. Ready, Aim... features a friend's son playing in the snow.

Yesterday was a cold day in south Louisiana. Hubby woke up on the wrong side of the, his mood was interesting to say the least! LOL! Men...sometimes they are so strange! Thankfully, he went to work at 10 pm...and Molly and I are enjoying the peace!

I have a beef roast defrosting and will put it in the crock pot when he gets home at 6 am. Then, hopefully I can have a fun day for myself! I plan to start by having breakfast at the local diner (about 2 blocks away)...reading the newspaper and relaxing sounds great. I'll have to pick up potatoes and butter to make whipped potatoes. Yes, Mother Hubbard's cupboard is on the empty side! LOL! His payday is this week and I will be having a grocery shopping trip!


  1. Cute pages Kayre. Sorry that your hubby woke up on the wrong side, but on the plus side you get time to yourself. Going to sit at a diner would be fun! I love to people watch.

    Hope you get some good things at the store. :)

  2. I was so curious to know how men and roasts would fit together in your story! LOL
    Men can be a pain. My husband has a cold and you would think he was on his death bed. OMG, what a big baby!
    I hope the roast improves his mood. Maybe I should make one too.