Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scrapable Challenge LOs

Little Old Man RJ showcases my nephew's cat...I used JayaPrem's Hangout's Garden Party Kit. RJ's name is in the Font Challenge font...Base 05.

The Bride Effect is my aunt wearing her "Bride To Be" outfit...I used the Garden Party Kit for this LO, too. This LO was completed for the Everyday Inspirations Challenge using a slogan generator site. I put in bride and it gave me the title, The Bride Effect.
Molly Halloween Cat features an extracted Molly in a Halloween scene for the Souvenir Challenge. The elements are from Totally Twisted Scraps, Spinky Dink Scraps, and Scrapberry.
Live Laugh Love is my boyfriend, Cardi and I. I used ShanMomto4's Lazy Summer Days Kit and Dirty Feet Designs' template for this X Marks the Spot Challenge.
I had so much fun making LOs tonight. John is working in Baton Rouge tonight and Molly is sleeping on a packed box. Patricia, Barbara, Jaseon, and I made a load from the trailer to the condo this afternoon but, I was too lazy to unpack it all! Have a Blessed and safe Sunday!


  1. Great LO's. I hope you are almost finished with the move. It will feel so good to be finally settled in the new place. Have a great day.

  2. Awwww, I love the "Molly the Halloween Cat" LO. Too cute!

  3. Awesome LOs! I love the extraction on Molly the Halloween Cat LO! ;)