Sunday, July 26, 2009

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Well, I survived the 1st Challenge and now, it's on to the 2nd Challenge and the Immunity Challenge. The Immunity Challenge required us to make a LO showing our 10 basic necessities for our camp.

I thought that I would take a relaxing swim while waiting for the Cabana Boy to bring my necessities to my camp.

My Necessities: my Bible, water, food, laptop...will have to keep up with the Ginger Scraps Forum, rustle alligators (for alligator tenders) and to create shelter between the trees, cover myself and to create the shelter with the rope, toilet paper, Coke Zero, fire, and my clogs


  1. Great immunity layout! I hope your Cabana Boy gets your supplies to you soon! :D

  2. I participated in the IC too - I forgot so many necessities! I could never pack light!! I wish I would have scrapped something whimsical - I though too hard on this!!